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Case Knife Trapper

Case Wharncliff Trapper Knife 2009 Smooth Emerald Bone Diamond Shield MIB! NR


Case Trapper Knife 2009 Issue Barnboard Jigged Burnt Oatmeal Bone NICE! NR




Case Pocket Worn Trapper Knife 2013 Beautiful Bermuda Green MIB Original Box! NR


Case XX Trapper Pocket Knife Stainless Blade Caribbean Blue Jigged Bone Handle


Case Trapper Knife 2014 Issue SFO Patriotic Red White Blue Kirinite CA11200 MIB!


Case XX Slimline Trapper Pocket Knife Surgical Steel Bone Stag Handle 65307


Case Trapper Knife 1997 Issue Dark Red Bone Discontinued CA00646 NOS MIB NR


Case XX Trapper Pocket Knife Stainless Steel Blade White Pearl Corelon Handle


Case Lace Wood Trapper Knife Made in 2006


Case XX 6984 Dark Red Bone CV Trapper Pocket Knife


Case Caribbean Blue Pocket Worn Trapper Knife 2006 Issue CA05076 Mint! NR


Case RARE Horseshoe Shield Trapper Knife 2014 Issue SUPER RARE SFO MIB! NR


Case Trapper Knife 2008 Issue Limited XX 22 Purple With Bomb Shield MIB AAA+ NR


Case Golf Tool Mini Trapper Knife 2005 Issue Peachsead Jigged Bone Handles NICE


Case EZ Open Slimline Trapper Knife 2012 SFO Antique Bone Single Blade MIB! NR


Case 125th Anniversary Trapper Knife 2014 SFO Gorgeous Moss Green 1 Of 100! NR


Gorgeous CASE XX TRAPPER WHITE 6254 SS 4" Long 2 Blade Folding Knife NIB


Case Bone Stag Trapper Knife 2006 Issue Amazing Bone Stag MIB Original Box! NR


Case Civil War Trapper Knife 2014 North Bolster Stamps 1 Of 250 Blue MIB AAA+ NR


Case Davy Jone's Locker Pirate Trapper Knife 2013 SFO AMAZING Embellishment Mint


Case Mermaid Series Trapper Knife 2012 SFO Mermaid Lorelei By Linda Karst MIB NR


Case Knife #05941 - Trapper Cabernet - Mint in Box! - Large C


Case Pearl Shield Trapper Knife 2010 SFO Genuine Pearl Shield 1 Of 100 MIB! NR


Case Anne Bonny Pirate Trapper Knife 2010 SFO AMAZING Embellishment MIB! NR


Case Trapper Knife 2008 Issue Genuine Bone SFO Brooks & Dunn Exclusive MIB NR


Case Peachseed Amber Trapper Knife 2006 Issue 6254 CA00164 4 1/8" Closed Mint NR


Case Limited XX 3 Dogleg Trapper Knife 1996 Early Limited Case XX Bar Shield MIB


Case Trapper Knife 1998 Era SFO GREAT Torched White Oak Worm Groove MIB AAA+ NR


Case XX Chestnut Bone Mini Trapper Pocket Knife 07012 6207CV


Case Trapper Knife 2008 Limited XX 23 Peachseed Jig Sunburst Bomb Shield MIB NR


Case Job Case Trapper Knife 2015 SFO Amazing Black Cherry Bone 1 Of 100 AAA+ NR


Case Trapper Knife 2006 Era SFO Single Blade Beautiful Oak GREAT Blade Snap! NR


Case Trapper Knife 2014 Issue Genuine Root Beer Bone Scales Case USA Shield! MIB


Case Slim Line Trapper Knife 2011 Autumn Bone With Brass Bowtie Shield MIB! NR


Case Trapper Knife 2011 CCC Club SFO 2nd Cut Olive Green Handles AAA+ MIB NR


Case 3254 USA 2 blade folding trapper Pocket Knife r7


Gorgeous CASE XX TRAPPER LOLLYPOP 9254 LP 4" Long 2 Blade Folding Knife NIB